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We are the Bridge between connecting you to Learning, Commerce and Management consulting services. Bridge Business School and Bureau for Commerce (BBSBC) is a training and commerce consulting group saddle with the responsibility to provide ICT-driven training in the Start-ups, Commerce and Management.

Training Services & Consultancy;

  • Start-ups & Innovation
  • Commerce and Trade Services
  • Degree Conversion Programmes (D2D)
  • Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Distant Learning course facilitation
  • E-Learning Training Design and implementation.

Bureau for Commerce:

Commercial departments;

  • Civil & Construction Services
  • Oil and Gas Equipment Sales
  • Oil and Gas Commerce
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • E-Commerce.

Commerce & Management Consulting Services;

We can also offer your company a broad view on performance management, cost and risk analysis of your equipment, with the aim of identifying the highest performance, systems integration and solutions focused on improving results related to the use of your assets throughout their life-cycle.


1. Do you offer Start-up Training?

Yes. Start-ups Training for HND, Diploma and Degree Holders.

2. What is The Training Duration?

12-16 Months (4 semesters). HND applicants to get MBA upon graduation. Diploma holders get mini-MBA while, BSc holders get MBA/MSc (option) in Startup and Innovation or MSc. Business Administration.

3. Any Start-up Grant?

Yes. There will be various Investors, Grants, Angel and Equity Investors to help prospective founders for funding plus Outstanding Student’s Grant.

4. I am an SSCE holder, Can I Apply?

Yes. Outstanding SSCE applicants with good business proposals may be considered, such students get mini-MBA upon graduation plus limited opportunities for the grant programmes. If you are a goal getter, you can give this a try…

4. Is there any Scholarship?

Yes. Cost of Training is $1,000 (#360,000).

Scholarship will take away almost 70% of the tuition cost. Applicants on Scholarship pays just Less than #100,000 in installments before the programme ends. But, it is limited to only 50 applicants per state (Scholarship is available for Nigerian applicants only)

4. What is the Application Deadline?

Application is available now and may be closing soon. Click the link below to apply.


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