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Application Process: Step by Step

You should begin the process as early as possible.

Step 1: Apply online (Application is free)

  1. Apply online here

Step 2: Review Admissions Requirements and give us a call if you have any question.

This step is critical because requirements and admission deadlines are important especially for students who needs scholarship and prospective founders are to be aware of this before making application.

Scholarship funds limited so apply as early as possible.

Please this is a partly thesis-based program, please note that you may be assigned to a potential supervisor before or after applying.

* 70% tuition scholarship available

* Scholarship will take away almost 70% of the tuition cost. Applicants on Scholarship pays just Less than #100,000 in installments before the programme ends. But, it is limited to only 50 applicants per state (Scholarship is available for Nigerian applicants only)

Step 3 Login to portal to complete your Application Processes

  1. Pay acceptance fee
  2. Register your courses
  3. Wait for course to start (resumption date will be communicated to students who have completed their application on the portal)

Please note, admission may close earlier than expected. All successful graduates are entitled for the MBA/MSc degree. The MBA/MSc degrees are conventional university certificates awarded by our partnered universities. Although the programme is online but MBA/MSc degrees shall not reflect “Online”.